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ARTabi2023 International Contemporary Art Award – FIRST IDEA JAPAN Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “ARTabi 2023”), as committee, is developing business based on the philosophy of “entrusting value, not just goods”. increase. We believe that it is our social responsibility to continue to provide high-quality services so that our customers, applicants can entrust us with their valuable “things” and “values” with peace of mind and trust. In addition, regarding the personal information entrusted to us by our customers, applicants, artists (including business partners) and employees, we understand the importance of it and comply with laws and ordinances in order to ensure the peace of mind of our customers, applicants and the trust of society. We have established the “Personal Information Protection Policy” based on the recognition that it is an extremely important responsibility to comply with compliance and properly protect personal information.

We will make all employees aware of this policy, ensure thorough compliance, and strive to properly handle personal information.

This privacy policy also applies to specific personal information (personal information containing an individual number).

1. Scope of application
In order to establish, implement, maintain, and improve a personal information protection management system (hereinafter referred to as “PMS”) regarding personal information used for our business and operations, “understanding of the organization and its situation” Considering “understanding the needs and expectations of stakeholders” and “interfaces and dependencies with other organizations”, determine the boundaries and applicability of PMS, and determine the scope of application.

2. Main business and operations conducted by the Company
・ Interior and exterior of shops, offices and houses
・ Various art projects, events, production and management
・ Consulting services

3.Purpose of personal information protection
Based on this policy, we will establish personal information protection objectives in consideration of personal information protection requirements and the results of risk assessment and risk response at relevant groups and levels. We communicate this purpose and strive to achieve it systematically.

4. Risk management
We define and implement a systematic risk assessment process in order to identify personal information used for our business and operations, protect it from personal information protection risks, and handle it safely, securely, and appropriately. increase. We establish evaluation criteria, identify risks, analyze and evaluate them, and take appropriate measures (control measures) against actualized risks. In addition, by taking necessary and appropriate management measures and security control measures against this risk, we will prevent loss, destruction, falsification, leakage, loss or damage due to unauthorized access, theft, unauthorized removal, etc. of personal information. We will strive to prevent, correct, and take preventive measures against violations of laws and regulations, loss of economic credibility, and impact on individuals.

5.Use for other purposes
We will appropriately acquire, use, and provide personal information of customers, applicants and employees to the extent necessary to achieve the purpose of use specified in our business and operations. For this reason, we will take appropriate measures to prevent the use of personal information for purposes other than the intended purpose, such as strengthening our internal management system and formulating, disseminating, and thoroughly enforcing internal regulations.

6. Compliance
We comply with laws and regulations regarding personal information, national guidelines and other related norms (including laws regarding the use of numbers to identify specific individuals in administrative procedures and guidelines regarding the proper handling of specific personal information), Comply with other applicable requirements related to personal information protection, requirements such as laws and regulations related to our business and operations, requirements included in contracts with customers, applicants and external organizations, etc., and self-management standards. , to keep it up-to-date and manage it.

7. Personal information protection system
Our company appoints a personal information protection manager as the person in charge of personal information, and builds a personal information protection promotion system to ensure the smooth promotion and operation of PMS.

8.Education and training
The Company will regularly conduct the education and training necessary for personal information protection, and will strive to improve knowledge and awareness of personal information protection.

9. Continual improvement
In order to ensure that this policy is complied with, we will monitor, measure, analyze, evaluate, audit, and correct the implementation status of PMS, and strive for continuous improvement.

Company Name : FIRST IDEA JAPAN Co.,Ltd.
Person in charge : Maki Uchiyama


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