Handling of personal information

ARTabi2023 Committee c/o FIRST IDEA JAPAN Co.Ltd.
(hereinafter, the “ARTabi2023”) fully understand the importance of personal information protection, and shall comply with laws and regulations, and other norms regarding personal information, and shall strive for appropriate handling and safety management of personal information based on the policy below:

<Business name>
ARTabi2023 International Contemporary Art Award (c/o First Idea Japan Co., Ltd.)

<Name of business representative>
Representative:Maki Uchiyama

<Business address>
2F, Suehiro Building, 2-1-10 Nishitsujigaoka, Chofu City, Tokyo
Address:2F Suehiro Building, 2-1-10 Nishitsujigaoka, Chofu-shi, Tokyo 182-0006 (from of January 2023)

1. Acquisition of personal information Submitted documents will be strictly managed in accordance with personal information protection regulations and will be used only for screening purposes, also personal information to be handled as follows:-
a. Formation and performance of a contract between you and us
b. Contact for business negotiations and meetings with applicants,customers
c. Management of various projects and events
d. Information on services, products, etc. of the Company, affiliated companies, and business partners regarding submitted artworks examination and applicant’s membership registration for ARTabi2023 (direct mail, telephone, sending advertising materials and printed materials, etc.)
e. Creation of statistical data for marketing, sales promotion, and product planning (individuals cannot be identified)
f. Implementation of seminars, various projects, questionnaires
g. Service development, analysis and research at our company
h. Proposals, solicitations and contracts in our business and operations (hosting awards, events and seminars)
i. Communication regarding our business and operations (holding of art awards, events, and seminars)
j. Emergency contact
k. Recruitment, personnel management, matters related to public procedures
l. Other incidental matters related to the above

2. Provision to a Third Party
ARTabi2023 shall not provide personal information to any unrelated third party unless either the owner of the personal information agrees or such provision is stipulated by laws and regulations.

3. Management
ARTabi2023 shall strive to keep personal information accurate and updated for the purposes of use, and shall take appropriate safety management measures to prevent such information from being accessed illegally, lost, destroyed, modified, or leaked.

4. Disclosure, Correction, Suspension of Use, Deletion, etc. ARTabi2023 shall, upon request or inquiry for disclosure, correction, suspension of use, deletion, or any other handling of personal information by the owner of such information, take appropriate measures in accordance with laws and regulations.

5. Organizational and Management Structure
ARTabi2023 shall select a manger for personal information protection, who will provide training to employees handling personal information and supervise such training appropriately to conduct thoroughgoing personal information protection.

6. Continuous Revision
ARTabi2023 shall review this policy as needed and continuously revise it to promote the appropriate handling of personal information. Important Matters on Handling of Personal Information by ARTabi2023
1. Name of Organization Handling Personal information ARTabi2023 Committee c/o FIRST IDEA JAPAN Co.Ltd.
2. Purposes of Use of Personal Information and Retained Personal Data For the purposes of use of personal information obtained by ARTabi2023 and personal data retained by ARTabi2023, please contact here.
ARTabi2023 Committee
E-mail: artabi2023@firstidea-japan.com


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